Artista a 360 gradi, Giuditta Matteucci ci parla di arte e di come si rinasce anche grazie ad essa dopo momenti bui

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Se ci chiedessimo come sarà il futuro della moda?
In style toward trovate le risposte di quelle figure che si affacciano ora al mondo dello stile e degli insider del settore


Funny and sexy: su Spaghetti Mag il nuovo editoriale scattato dal duo Total Black con lo styling di Stefano Guerrini. Protagonisti: Lucas e Bartek

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Con GRK madetomeasure SS 2022, il direttore creativo Sergei Grinko decide di affrontare una questione che gli sta a cuore: l’attenzione verso l’ambiente

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La ricerca sulle tendenze dello stile di Claudia Vanti illustrate da Maura Marinozzi

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Una vera jungle fever per la p/e 2020. Le collezioni più famose si popolano di fiori rigogliosi e di rimandi alla giungla tropicale. Come dimostrano le illustrazioni di Maura Marinozzi. LIVE

Fashion Shootings in covid times! Me and beloved @sasy_pezz today on a set for @manintownofficial with photographer @davidecarson make up and hair @fra.fillo videographer @irene.cacciarini model @paszko.a as usual it was so special and fun and creative. With a little attention more! #sgv19liveig
Having fun on a set with @alissonmarks_photographer @luc4lombardi @sasy_pezz @danicassis13 and @rodrigosouzam_ wearing a kimono jacket by @skillofficine 💥💥💥 Anni e anni di @heather__parisi vista (e amata) alla tv han dato i loro frutti, che dite? 🤣🤣🤣 #sgv19liveig
My last work of 2019 that you will see soon. Me and @realclaudiosona on a set shot by @alissonmarks_photographer and happy new year from us! #sgv19liveig
When you take a selfie with a #supermodel (also supernice) but you realize perfectly who is The Beauty and ... Who is NOT! 🙈😂😃 MOI with awesome @kitbutlerr The editorial that was shot by @igorcvoro and styled by #theoneandonly me is out NOW on @designscene GO AND BUY the new issue! I know it is a tough job but somebody must do it! 💥💥💥 Grooming for the editorial @barbarabertuzzi casting and production by my fave blond @katarina.djoric and I was helped by @gretatede and @emmalata__ ⭐️⭐️⭐️SO PROUD! #sgv19liveig
I totally adored working today with actor @francesco_ferdinandi with my beloved @davide_musto It is a tough life, I know, but somebody’s got to do it. 😃🙈😂 #sgv19liveig
Me and @ross.ringwood on the set now! #sgv19liveig
On a set today with @robedivivian photo by @metabox WORKING WORKING WORKING #sgv19liveig
Friends around Milan! The #mfw is also this (and we are lucky to stop and see Some cool presentation like @sanandresmilano One at @senatohotelmilano the other day) and meet Some Old friends too! Call iT quality time‼️‼️‼️ #ss20 #sgv19liveig
Me and #awesome @williamlos_ last January on the set of our editorial for @designscene This pic was shot by @albertomoriph Always grateful to @igorcvoro @katarina.djoric @zarkodavinic for our works together! Lucky to be with them on a set! William here is wearing @versace trousers and @cristalloneroitalia necklace 💥💥💥 #sgv19liveig
Some weeks ago on a set with these #awesome guys. From left @simonmartyn_ @realhani99 Then we have a try #supermodel of the world aka MOI (😂😂😂) and @_gabrieldem_ shot by @giusepperiserbato in our cool location @palazzomatteottida SOON YOU WILL FIND OUT MORE! #sgv19liveig
Me and @harrygoodwins today on a set for @manintownofficial I admired him for ages and today I met and worked with this incredibile londoner! LOVE MY JOB A LOT! #sgv19liveig
Model @radu.ionut99 laughing at one of my jokes during the making of our latest @manintownofficial editorial while my assistant @davidesebaspinella is transforming Radu in a modern-day Tarzan! Moments that are important when you can work seriously but with lightness! Picture by @antonioavolio_ 💥💥💥 #sgv19liveig
#stylistlife Me on the set of a @manintownofficial editorial with #awesome  @jonathanmoronofficial Picture by @antonioavolio_ and I adore this image! It’a totally me!!! 💥💥💥💥💥‼️ #sgv19liveig
Pretending to be serious! Me with #supermodel @gabrielsihnel on a set Two weeks ago. SOON YOU WILL DISCOVER OUR PROJECT TOGETHER! Thanks to photographer @davidecarson / to my assistant @davidesebaspinella / to Grooming Artist @giuseppe_tamburrini and to @giobinoo for the #awesome location #sgv19liveig
On a set with @antonio_guzzardo_art wearing a cap by @bibi_esposito_chromosome6 and adoring everything and every minute of the day! Video by @rodrigo__souza__m ❤️💜💙💚‼️💥💥💥#lifeonaset #sgv19liveig
Desperate but not serious! Pearl earrings are always a good idea! On a set today! #sgv19liveig
Sometimes you meet people that you have never seen before and it is like you have been around them for ages. When it happens during an editorial is good because there is a cool chemistry! You will see soon what me @carlowilliamrossi @fabio.mureddu @antonio.fidato and my babies @davidesebaspinella @fabipoppy @annie__1991 and @vikelogos have created with these two #amazing ladies @1kimdavis @alessatatiana 💥💥💥 LOVE MY JOB A LOT! #sgv19liveig
Working with friends! Working with them means that I will need one hundred looks and we will shoot at least ten different models, sort of..: but it means also trust your team totally, because you support each other completely! I simply adore @carlowilliamrossi and  @fabio.mureddu #sgv19liveig
Mi porterei a casa il secchiello @salar_milano NO? On a set with @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu today. #sgv19liveig
On the set for @mmscene ‼️Being on a set is always fun and enterteining. Obviously we work a lot, but sometimes there is time for a laugh. A big "thank you" to @igorcvoro for the shot and this personal "diva moment" and to @katarina.djoric and @zarkodavinic for their patience and for trustin' in me during all this years! 😃❤️💜💙💚‼️#jadore #sgv19liveig
And today I met this #awesome guy and happy our editorial together was his official first one! Humble and smart! And the pictures are amaziiing! @bryanguglielmetto you ROCK! #sgv19liveig
Makin’ faces with stunning @stefano.berretti (with two R) 🤣🤣🤣 Had so Much fun with you today! Stefano you are a super-star! LOVE MY WORK A LOT! #sgv19liveig
Always been in love with @pardens_official and today you can find my interview with its founder Daniele Giorgio on my website #stefanoguerrinivision GO AND READ IT!
Ok, sentirsi un Puffo! Feeling not so tall with two #awesome guys we shot today! Thank you @nic.ndr and @koskyilya for being such nice guys and so professional! Braviiii! #sgv19liveig
Gennarí! With @gennaro_auletto this morning and it was a super editorial! LOVE MY JOB! #sgv19liveig
@italomarseglia @altaroma #romeismyrunway #sgv19ctwlkig #romeisalwaysagoodidea BRAVO ITALO
Pure poetry @italomarseglia @bowlandofficial on the soundtrack and front row SUPEREMOTIONAL BRAVO ITALO @altaroma #romeismyrunway #romeisalwaysagoodidea #sgv19ctwlkig
@italomarseglia #awesome #fashionshow @altaroma #romeismyrunway #romeisalwaysagoodidea #sgv19ctwlkig
Pura poesia in bianco! @sylviogiardina @altaroma #romeismyrunway #romeisalwaysagoodidea #altaroma #sgv19ctwlkig
Moments in Rome. A tea with friend and couturier @maisonluigiborbone  to discover his new #amazing place #romeisalwaysagoodidea
@asciarimilano #altaroma #romeismyrunway #romeisalwaysagoodidea @altaroma
I wanna be a super hero! Wearing a HUGE @hugeundergroundbusiness silver cape. The Huge collection is growing and becoming more interesting from season to season so I suggest you to check it out! #sgv19liveig @pittimmagine #pitti95  thanks @riccardoterzo for the pictures.
E non ho resistito! On a set with my beloved  @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu Nobody could resist the temptation of trying on the incredible wigs of hair artist (the right word!) @antonio.fidato. And also me! I end up looking something in between Nicoletta Orsomando in white-blond and Jessica Fletcher with volumes! 🤣🤣🤣. ✨But I just wanted to pay an homage to #amazing @drusillafoer but nobody can be beautiful as Drusilla I should have known before!  I Love my Job! #havingfun #makingfunofmyself #sgv19liveig
When I’m on a set with @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu everything can happen. And I adore it! #sgv19liveig
Repost from @lucaferone 
Visiting @stefano_guerrini on the set 
with @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu
even on the 30th of December #set #shooting #fashion #crazy
Recap of 2018! On a set! Just let me sleep under my @versace coat (here shooting for @esquiremy with @ryan_simo) backstage pics by my babe @annie__1991 and she says that here I show all my regality! Ok, have I told you that Stefano means crowned?! 🤪🤪🤪I love my job! #sgv19liveig
Me + @psikiatria80 talking about Divas as a MasterClass part of "Videocittà", invited by @claratosipamphili . On the background the legend #audreyhepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffanys". Everytime I'm so nervous because I'm still not exactly aware that what I love can be talked about/inspiring/interesting. And again with me yesterday a friend, somebody I relate to everyday, even arguing a lot, in perfect Joan Crawford/Bette Davis mode! Thank you Stefano for being a friend, thanks Clara a lot because You have seen something way before us. ❤️💙💜💚‼️ #thisismylife #stylistlife #bloggerlife #fashionwriterlife #stefanoguerrini #stefanoguerrinivision #stefanoguerrinidotvision #webstyle #webelieveinstyle #superstef #teamguerrini #insta #instapic #instacool #instastyle #instafashion #lovemywork #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #lepilloledistefano #guerrinineverstops

#instabeard #instabear #beardgang #beardlife #itsfashionbaby #friends #sgv19liveig
The beauties and the beast. @mattialaplaca on the left and @marcobellotti1 on the right. Uno deve essere un po’ masochista per farsi una foto con questi due signori! 🤣🤣🤣 so much respect for these two Italian guys, who are doing a lot of amazing things including an editorial with me that you will see very soon! LOVE MY JOB A LOT! 💥💥💥 #sgv19liveig
Ok, it is known that getting older I’m becoming more and more crazy on the set. Thanks @mattialaplaca for being so calm! Scherzi a parte: momenti sul set oggi ed ho sempre la grande fortuna di lavorare con bravissimi professionisti! Thanks Mat! 💥💥💥 #sgv19liveig
When @letizia_pecchia tries to bomb my pic with #awesome @fredrikmassa LIFE ON A SET! #sgv19liveig
Bravo @simonerainer_ #ss19 #mfw thanks @aglitteringwoman for the hands 😀 
#thisismylife #stylistlife #bloggerlife #fashionwriterlife #stefanoguerrini #stefanoguerrinivision #stefanoguerrinidotvision #webstyle #webelieveinstyle #sgv19liveig
@dsquared2 #ss19 collection urban meets military and deconstructed #supercool #mfw #sgv19liveig
Very proud of this picture. Yesterday I had the opportunity and privilege to be the interviewer/moderator/presenter in a meeting that some students of the Ied master classes in Milan had with #supercool photographer @janettephoto (here on the left) and with us also @djmisbehaviour (here on the right) (here missing Deborah Baker of @fiorentinibaker with whom Jeanette is working and that wanted an exhibition about her work in Milan). On the walls the London of the youth movements like punk and the hip hop stars of the Eighties. So interesting and inspiring. I adored every moment! 
#thisismylife #stylistlife #bloggerlife #fashionwriterlife #stefanoguerrini #stefanoguerrinivision #stefanoguerrinidotvision #webstyle #webelieveinstyle #superstef #teamguerrini #insta #instapic #instacool #instastyle #instafashion #lovemywork #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #lepilloledistefano #guerrinineverstops

#instabeard #instabear #beardgang #beardlife #sgv19liveig
Ritrovamenti! E giuro che sul set io lavoro anche! Il backstage del servizio per Here @marialouisez wearing a @luigiveccia sweater while @carlowilliamrossi and @Fabiomuteddu are takin’her pictures. You can also see hairstylist @matteo_hairmakeup and make up artist @itsassiacaiazzo And me singing @cristinadavenaofficial “Jem e le holograms” soundtrack(duet with @real_brown ). Lo styling del servizio è  mio, ovviamente. FUN FUN FUN ahahah 🌈🌈🌈💥💥💥 #thisismylife #stylistlife #bloggerlife #fashionwriterlife #stefanoguerrini #stefanoguerrinivision #stefanoguerrinidotvision #webstyle #webelieveinstyle #superstef #teamguerrini #insta #instapic #instacool #instastyle #instafashion #lovemywork #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #lepilloledistefano #instabeard #instabear #beardgang #beardlife #itsfashionbaby #idols #sgv19liveig
Dancing on the set. È più forte di me! Thanks @fabipoppy for the video! 
#thisismylife #stylistlife #bloggerlife #fashionwriterlife #stefanoguerrini #stefanoguerrinivision #stefanoguerrinidotvision #webstyle #webelieveinstyle #superstef #teamguerrini #insta #instapic #instacool #instastyle #instafashion #lovemywork #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #lepilloledistefano #leguerrinate #guerrinineverstops 
#instabeard #instabear #beardgang #beardlife #itsfashionbaby #sgv19liveig
Me and incredible @umberts9 on the set today! So lucky I have always the opportunity to work with such great professionals! Bravo Umberto 💚❤️💙💜‼️
#thisismylife #stylistlife #bloggerlife #fashionwriterlife #stefanoguerrini #stefanoguerrinivision #stefanoguerrinidotvision #webstyle #webelieveinstyle  #superstef #teamguerrini #insta #instapic #instacool #instastyle #instafashion #lovemywork #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #lepilloledistefano #guerrinineverstops #sgv19liveig
Repost @paolostylops WHAT AN EVENING! In Rome at Villa Wolkonsky Alessandra Vitali (journalist of important La Repubblica) interviewed Paolo Ferrarini and Me. Invited by Circolo Mario Mieli we talked about the Eighties and the relevance of british pop music. It was the first event of roman Pride. Thanks to british ambassador Jill Morris for the hospitality and to @psikiatria80 and @maurotheangel who have organized everything! IT WAS SUPERCOOL!!! And if you weren't there you missed something special! #lovewins #romapride #sgv19liveig
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Again from @desnudoitalia these two amazing women! @serenaamirante is wearing @alcoolique_official by Mr @ragalluccio red dress the headband is #vintage from #archivioguerrini @tracyladivah is wearing a white dress by my supertalented friends @cote.official and also the earrings of both the girls are CoITe while the necklace is @duellebijoux by @dolores_bacchi and @camiesimo 💥💥💥The editorial was shot by @giorgia_villa styled by MOI make up @tentazionemakeup hair @ludo_amy and on the set with me my babies @sasy_pezz @ernadzaferovic @lorrainebetta @arielbretas 🌟🌟🌟SO PROUD AND HAPPY!
Adoring @tracyladivah a lot! She is stunning in the new @desnudoitalia editorial shot by my beloved @giorgia_villa and styled by MOI! Here she is wearing a supercool suit by my talented friend @francescaliberatoreofficial gloves by @dueccigloves belt and shoes by @cote.official earrings by @alcoolique_official by Mr @ragalluccio make up @tentazionemakeup hair @ludo_amy I was helped by my beloved @sasy_pezz and on the set with us three of my babies @ernadzaferovic @lorrainebetta @arielbretas SO PROUD OF MY TEAM SO MUCH!
BOOOOMMM! 💥💥💥 on @desnudoitalia that just came out a new editorial shot by my baby @giorgia_villa and styled by ME! Gorgeous @serenaamirante is wearing @sosud_collection red tulle dress and @alcoolique_official earrings + gorgeous @tracyladivah  wearing incredible liliac tulle dress by @belfioricouture rings @acchitto I’M IN LOVE! Make up @tentazionemakeup hair @ludo_amy and on the set with me my assistant @sasy_pezz and also my babies @arielbretas @lorrainebetta @ernadzaferovic SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!
“L’allieva 2” chiuse su Rai1 con un botto d’ascolti. Poteva quindi non tornare @lamastronardi accanto a Lino Guanciale? E ieri sera @lino_guanciale_official in occasione della messa in onda da domenica 27 settembre della nuova stagione, era ospite di @taleequaleshowrai e come quarto giudice si è rivelato davvero preparato, misurato e Charming come solo lui sa Essere! Lino indossava un total look @corneliani_official styled by MOI, helped by @sasy_pezz SO PROUD, e forse mi ripeto, lavorare con persone come Lino è davvero un piacere! Thanks always @martinabriotti 😘🌟💥🌟💥🌟💥
Again the editorial for @spaghettimag but this time a stunning out-take. @marcellogiannini__ wearing a kilt by @marcodevincenzo shot by @giusepperiserbato and styled by Moi! I was helped by @sasy_pezz and @arielbretas grooming by @martinamuscariello HAPPY AND PROUD. So grateful!
@spaghettimag has just come out and inside an editorial shot by @giusepperiserbato styled by ME grooming by @martinamuscariello and I was helped by @sasy_pezz and @arielbretas Here stunning @marcellogiannini__ is wearing @leshommes_official More to come soon! SO PROUD! Thanks @emira_m
When I was a kid I spent a huge amount of hours watching old movies on tv. I was obsessed by those musicals, like the Ziegfeld Follies, in which the dance numbers were shot from above and dancers were moving like flowers opening in front of the viewer’s eyes. When Mr @jgalliano presented the s/s 1997 Circus Collection I became obsessed by the Midnight blue satin + star spangled Showgirl Corset created by Mr Pearl with an amazing headpiece by Mr @stephenjonesmillinery 🌟 That’s why among the tables that I call -as you may already know- “My (he)art during and after #thelockdown” I had to do this! In my mind @madonna by @herbritts and @naomi  and @chandranorthofficial all wearing that incredible Galliano creation are meeting the amazing Ziegfeld girls: Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr. It’s all in my twisted mind maybe but I share it with you and I know that some of you will understand! ❤️
I just wanted to be the third @brutibrothers  Model! “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” Chi è il più bellooooo? Thanks to my beloved @g.gregis for the picture, we were in a beautiful place with my assistants @sasy_pezz and @ernadzaferovic and grooming artist @marcello.makeupartist and soon you will see the results! 💥💥💥
Recently, for a fashion editorial, that I will show you in the next few weeks, I had the opportunity to meet some new friends. @g.gregis shot this picture while I was literally talking to this beauty! I’m not used to stay so close with nature, but every time it happens you understand how it is magical and how animals can understand your feelings! Blessed to have been able to spend a day there. Thank you my amazing photographer Gabriele for this little moment that you caught on camera, it goes directly to my heart! 😍😍😍
Two years ago researching for a project I did for and with @franco_zanellato @zanellato_official something I adored doing A LOT and something I will love to do again in a future. That’s why I kept doing #fashionculture research doing #thelockdown and I still try to do it every day. Although I adore everything new, I still think there is no new if you don’t know well the past! Dedicated to all the ones (not only but my beloved students included) who followed and were by my side in these dark days! You know who you are!
I have known @gerstwhile for many years and I have always been happy and grateful to call him a friend but also to work with him in so many projects for my website and for other magazines. He is an incredible photographer but this time I must admit he surprised me being an incredible interviewer! On his site @moda.vers you can find an interview he did to me and we talk about my notebooks and my work of (he)arts! But also about very personal things and I’m surprised in the end I came out not as pessimistic as I consider myself! He calls me: fashion stylist, editor and instructor. And I’m really proud and honoured. I call him a great human being and a great friend! Go and check please the interview!
It is the second time that I work with @luc4lombardi an amazing model and a super nice person. Here we are on the set of our upcoming project for @fuuuckingyoung shot by @giusepperiserbato and styled by Me for supercool editor @chido.obasi Can’t Wait to show you the final results! Very soon I hope!!!
A Fallen Angel for @manintownofficial shot by @davidecarson and styled by MOI, first editorial after #thelockdown here our angel @paszko.a is wearing a coat by @helenyarmak necklace @futuroremoto grooming @fra.fillo and i was helped by @sasy_pezz video by @irene.cacciarini YEAAAAH! Very happy! Thanks always @federicopoletti for trusting me!
Waiting for the final pictures to come out! Prove di luci lo scorso sabato! Awesome @tom_bellini_ @whynotmodels one of the models of the editorial shot by beloved @giusepperiserbato for @fuuuckingyoung styled by ME with my amazing team! Assisted by @sasy_pezz and @gretatede grooming @valeriastefanelli_mua many thanks to our amazing editor @chido.obasi YEAH! 💥💥💥 A big thank you for our location @ted_milano
And again while my beloved @giusepperiserbato is working on the final pictures chosen for the editorial you will see soon on @fuuuckingyoung he finds these little treasures that we have to post. Out-takes or work in progress! I had the pleasure to be the stylist in this editorial with my team-assisted by @sasy_pezz and @gretatede with grooming by @valeriastefanelli_mua on a special location @ted_milano Here young, beautiful and supercool @matt.onata from @luomoelitemilano @elitemodelworld is wearing @marni by Mr @asliceofbambi but soon you will see a lot more! So proud! And we must thank the editor who gave us this opportunity @chido.obasi YEAH! 💥💥💥
Preview! Or better: out-take of an editorial you will see soon! Thanks to @chido.obasi for the opportunity to work again with my beloved @giusepperiserbato and my team @sasy_pezz and @gretatede and grooming @valeriastefanelli_mua  Giuseppe shot amazing @sergio.stipa a star in the making! Here Sergio is wearing a necklace by @futuroremoto and trousers by @skillofficine but wait to see a LOT MORE on @fuuuckingyoung site very, very soon!
Enough said! We must stand together! No to racism, all kind of racisms!
we are all equals and we must stand united in periods like this! Fight racism (all kinds of racism!) ❤️💜💙💚 #blackouttuesday
Fashion Shootings in covid times! Me and beloved @sasy_pezz today on a set for @manintownofficial with photographer @davidecarson make up and hair @fra.fillo videographer @irene.cacciarini model @paszko.a as usual it was so special and fun and creative. With a little attention more! #sgv19liveig
Preview of @the.skinmagazine and Another cover and so proud! Thanks to my friend @gerardolarreag for having included me and my team in this project! Shot by my bae @davidecarson at my friend @giobinoo house here stunning @gabrielsihnel in a vintage tank top by @angelovintagepalace grooming by @giuseppe_tamburrini and obviously styled by MOI. I was assisted by @davidesebaspinella (miss u baby) So happyyy! 💥💥💥
It is always such a huge honour and gratification when somebody you already admire think of you as a possible subject for his art! How can I be more grateful to the incredibly talented (and with a very personal and unique style) Andrea, since he has thought of me for one of his works! And here I am! I adore this portrait. More than adore!  Grazie, grazie, grazie @andy_rocker and for alla of you that are reading: Please go and follow him! Show some support!
Andy I want the real oneeee! So soon I have to come to Spain! 🌟💥💥💥
Questo mercoledi! Dall’account di @manintownofficial la mia interview a @realclaudiosona 💥💥💥 in realtà più una chiacchierata fra amici!  BE THERE! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thanks to 
@tdrwings I have become a @thesimpsons character and it feels so good! And thanks @cristinaflorence ❤️💙💜💚💥💥💥
Saturday at 17,30 on @manintownofficial Instagram live with @dottolck BE THERE! Pleaseeee!
Obsessed by this picture! Shot by my beloved @alissonmarks_photographer for @therakishgent and styled by ME! Here @iamgiuliougolini wears trousers by @nicolaindelicato and jacket by @collinimilano Grooming by @fabianadaddato_mua and I was helped by @sasy_pezz and @danicassis13 CAN I SAY THAT ALL MY 80s ARE IN THIS PIC??? Adorissimo!
An old work for @manintownofficial directed by @federico_floridi_official for the editorial shot by @paolosimi the awesome @matsvsnip one of the model I worked more than once and always a pleasure to work with wears @bally @zegnaofficial @gucci and other supercool brands Grooming by @letizia_pecchia (miss you babyyyy) and on the set with me @luciafrancinella and @la_strata (giiiirls how are youuuu?). So proud! Always happy!
Some years ago, in a castle I styled this video shot by @federico_floridi_official for @yeswearethemost hair and make up by @letizia_pecchia and I was assisted by @monicaamenduni and @michelamohr The picture of the editorial were shot by Virginia Di Mauro. Models are Laureen Pereira and @petrasemes  and this video brings back some amazing memories! Clothings by @maisonvalentino @christianpellizzari @roberto_cavalli @sanandresmilano @salvatorepiccione.piccione @burberry @ermannoscervino Still very proud of all that!
Very proud of this editorial! Online now on the super cool @cap74024_online and shot by @riccardo__carraro 💥💥💥 stunning @conbucha from @ilovemodelsmngt styled by ME, helped by @sasy_pezz and @gretatede with Grooming by @valeriastefanelli_mua 🌟🌟🌟 Here Connor is wearing a cape by @adelbel_official shirt @angelovintagepalace and headband by @gerlando_official @gerlandodispenza SO HAPPY!
Stunning out-take from latest editorial for @desnudoitalia shot by @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu Make up by Carlo himself hair @cosimo_bellomo and styled by MOI 💥💥💥 here amazing @tommasocataldi with a hat by @robertolucchi_hats and veil vintage @angelovintagepalace I was helped for this editorial by @sasy_pezz @gretatede @francesca.minardii Photo assistant @giorgia_villa 🌟🌟🌟 SO PROUD!
So happy and proud! Another editorial published and on @cap74024_online which I adore! Repost from cap74024_online using “A Twisted Romance”

#Photographer: Riccardo Carraro
#Stylist: Stefano Guerrini
#StylingAssistant: Salvatore Pezzella, Greta Tedeschi
#Grooming: Valeria Stefanelli
#Models: Connor Buchanan, Thor Højer, William Hagg

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Not published before! From an editorial shot for @boyfriend.magazine by @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu now retouched by Fabio! Styled by ME in a sweater by @angelovintagepalace makeup by Carlo himself and hair by @antonio.fidato I was helped by @sasy_pezz and @ilia.sorrentino photoassistant @giuseppepalumbo_greystudio 💥💥💥
Tehran @reaannextmodels amazing supermodel @kitbutlerr is on the cover of issue 12 of DScene @designscene @mmscene shot by my beloved @igorcvoro and styled by MOI! Here Kit is wearing jacket @paoloniofficial and shirt @manuelritzofficial grooming @barbarabertuzzi and I was helped by @gretatede and @emmalata__ SO PROUD!
Thanks always @zarkodavinic and @katarina.djoric (casting and production) 🌟🌟🌟
Easter is coming! And here you have Steven Bunny! 🤣🤣🤣 by @paolorutigliano on a set some weeks ago! Those very tired eyes say everything! But ok I don’t take myself so suriously and I adore the headband with lace bunny years! Let’s share a smile! 😘🙈😘🙈
I must tell you that I am madly in love with @imbeckb and I have also asked her if she would marry me (and Becky you said YES, remember?). Here she is a new Marilyn in “Some like it hat”, a new editorial on @desnudoitalia shot by my bae @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu and styled by MOI. If make up is done by Carlo who is supertalented even as a make up artist, he used @marcjacobsbeauty ,  hair we’re done by @cosimo_bellomo who has been incredible! I was helped by my babies @sasy_pezz @gretatede @francesca.minardii and set assistant @giorgia_villa SO SO SO PROUD AND HAPPY!!! 💥💥💥😍😍😍 Here dress @sosud_collection hat by @robertolucchi_hats ❤️
And surprises are not finished! Cover number two out today! So proud and so happy to share everything with you! @brutibrothers Rehjan and @davidesantangeli both at @luomoelitemilano shot for @leffrontejournal by @g.gregis and styled by Moi with the help of my beloved @sasy_pezz and @gretatede Grooming @marcello.makeupartist photo assistant @patrizia_giudicianni Here in the left jacket @cp_company_official sweatshirt @slam shirt @alessandrogherardi_official on the right trench @vien_atelier jacket @doppiaaofficial sweatshirt vintage @archivimazzini  BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD!
💜💚💙❤️ We begin today with a new cover. I’m so proud of this work for an issue of @desnudoitalia that underline the strength of our Italian roots and heritage, inviting us to stay unite and strong in this difficult period! @imbeckb shot by my beloved @carlowilliamrossi and @fabio.mureddu with hair by supertalented @cosimo_bellomo make up by Carlo himself using @marcjacobsbeauty and styled by MOI (here dress @simonemarulli veil vintage @angelovintagepalace ) on the set with me my babies @gretatede @sasy_pezz @francesca.minardii and set assistant @giorgia_villa I SIMPLY ADORE THIS PICTURE and Becky (which is an incredible and the sweetest human being) is stunning! 💥💥💥
Reposting @castanoart STAY SAFE! I had a couple of plans with my friend Juan and this terrible period has post-poned them. But we must not give up hope and dreams and plans and desires! We must be strong together even if we are far away! I send one of my biggest hugs to my friends around the world! You know who you are and if you consider yourself a friend consider being hugged now! E torneremo ad abbracciarci davvero! ❤️💙💚💜
So happy and proud! A new cover editorial is out today! “Mr Confidence” is my beloved @jonathanmoronofficial on @leffrontejournal 💥💥💥styled by MOI, shot by @alissonmarks_photographer grooming @fabianadaddato_mua and I was helped by @sasy_pezz and @danicassis13 HereJonathan is in a total look by @gabrielepasini  shoes @antonymorato_official YEAAAAAH!