The Eighties have been a source of inspiration for ages for creative people around the world and sometimes somebody can bring back the work of a Genius that is gone but, good also for us, not forgotten.

Some seasons ago, for f/w 2018, It was Marc Jacobs that paid a tribute to that period, bringing back the vivid colours and the shapes of people like YSL and Claude Montana.
But in reality the silhouette was totally reminding us the work of super-talented american illustrator Tony Viramontes (1956-1988).
Recently it has been Jeremy Scott that was inspired by Viramontes’ works for the Moschino s/s 2023 male collection.
And it was clear watching some sort of influencers’ faces in the front row that they didn’t know at all who Viramontes was.

That’s why I decided to show you two of his masterpieces.
On the left the cover of “So Red The Rose” from Arcadia (a very successful spin-off of my beloved Duran Duran), on on the right the cover for the famous “Control” album that gave the status of Icon to Janet Jackson (“No my first name ain’t Baby, it’s Janet… Miss Jackson if you’re Nasty!).